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A guardian may be determined in a will, power of attorney or assigned by the court to have full power and control over the health, safety, property and finances of an individual.

Guiding You Through The Guardianship Process In Oklahoma

At Allen & Mills, PLLC, we work extensively in guardianship proceedings for:

  • Children under the age of 18 who are being raised by someone other than their parents
  • Elderly parents or other adults who are judged incompetent or unable to manage their own affairs
  • Special needs or disabled children who have reached majority who may require care of a guardian

Our skilled and compassionate lawyers represent family members of children or adults who cannot manage their own affairs. Military deployment is sometimes a reason for establishing a guardianship.

Our Attorneys Help Aging Adults Acquire The Legal Protections They Need

For aging adults, many of the day-to-day issues they previously handled independently require the assistance of family or other trusted parties. From managing health care decisions, arranging appointments with the doctor, administering medication, working with the insurance company and handling personal finances all can resolved by establishing legal guardianship with a responsible party.

As we age, we often need help managing our affairs. In many cases establishing guardianship not only places responsibility and decision-making power in the hands of a trusted family member, it also alleviates the stress or worry placed upon family members who only want to ensure their loved ones are protected and not being taken advantage of. With many of our clients, after establishing power of attorney, guardianship or composing a will and other final arrangements for an elder family member, individuals and couples get a clearer understanding of how to protect themselves and ask for insight into establishing future planning arrangements for themselves. As your attorneys, we are here for you and can provide you with the resources you need no matter your situation.

  • Real estate and property such as selling property
  • Working with representatives at a retirement community
  • Managing health care and working with doctors
  • Securing Social Security and other benefits
  • Protecting against financial abuse by managing finances
  • Overseeing other general needs and care
  • The importance of future planning, no matter your age
  • Special needs issues for children and adults, such as therapy or other types of health care

We Protect The Rights Of Legal Guardians

Guardianship is a document-intensive process and can involve complex legal issues. If you are named the legal guardian of a family member or wish to establish a legal guardianship, we can assist you in all related matters:

  • Hearings to determine competence or fitness of biological parents of a child
  • Setting up a trust for a child or an adult family member with special needs
  • Arranging trusts or guardianship for a minor who is the beneficiary of a settlement
  • Annual reporting of expenses
  • Annual accounting or inventory of trust or guardianship assets
  • Discharging the guardian at the end of the case (due to death, age of maturity or transfer of guardianship)
  • Retaining necessary experts to comply with stringent reporting and accounting requirements

Our Experience Can Inform You Actions

To learn your options or to clarify how guardianship actions may benefit you and your family, contact our Norman, Oklahoma, firm by scheduling a consultation by calling us at 405.701.8856 or complete our online contact form.

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