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Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th Edition, defines personal injury as “a hurt or damage done to a man’s body, such as a cut or bruise, a broken limb, or the like, as distinguished from an injury to his property or reputation.”

Automobile Accidents:

Automobile Accidents are the most common situation associated with personal injury.  You are entitled to receive damages in the form of money damages to make you whole.  Most Car Accident cases can be resolved in a timely fashion getting you the funds required to pay your medical bills, repair or replace your property, compensate you for your lost wages, provide for your pain and suffering and your future medical needs.

As your Personal Injury Lawyer, we work to right the wrong or harm done, whether it occurred in an automobile accident or by a fork lift plowing into you at Home Depot or Walmart.

If another’s negligence injures you or someone you love, Allen & Mills can help.  We will work directly with you and the insurance companies to see that you get a settlement that rights these wrongs.

Insurance companies not being reasonable or taking advantage of your situation, Allen & Mills is a firm with experienced Trial Lawyers that will take file a Civil Action on your behalf.

Wrongful Death:

Wrongful Death occurs when the misconduct or negligence leads to a loved one’s death, the family may file an action or submit a claim for Wrongful Death and seek damages against the offender or their insurance provider.

The Attorney’s at Allen & Mills, will work with you to determine if your case qualifies for damages in a Wrongful Death law suit.  Eligibility to file a wrongful death claim arises when the carelessness or negligence of another, who has a duty to use care, like a doctor or driver of a motor vehicle, breaches that duty and that breach of duty results in death.

Damages can include not only pain and suffering, but medical expenses, burial expenses, loss of income and future income, even future inheritance.

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