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Oklahoma Probate Lawyers

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Allen & Mills, PLLC is located in Norman OK and provides Oklahoma families with efficient representation throughout the probate process. Probate of an estate relies heavily on competent knowledge of Oklahoma law to ensure a quick and speedy distribution. Whether you are a beneficiary or administrator, we are here to assist you in navigating the probate process in Cleveland, McClain, and Oklahoma counties.

Below is a list of a few of the Probate issues we handle:

  • Ancillary Probate
  • Small estates and summary administration
  • Traditional estate administration
  • Will contests and estate litigation
  • Distribution and settlement of estates
  • Sale of Realty inside and outside of probate
  • Probate of will by surviving spouse

Do you need a Probate Attorney in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma law does not require legal counsel represent you in probate.  However, the probate code is voluminous and nuanced and being unfamiliar with its procedure can result in delay during this difficult time for your family.  Retaining counsel competent in all aspects of Oklahoma probate is strongly advised.

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