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People have numerous questions when entering into the divorce process. One of the most common concerns we at Allen & Mills, PLLC hear is “Who will get the house?” As your attorneys, we can offer an assessment of how property will be distributed if you are unable to draft an agreement with your former spouse. The fact is that in many divorces, property and other valuable assets are a primary concern (especially if there are no children involved), and carry deep emotional attachments that can cause divorce proceedings to stall.

Although there are statutory guidelines and calculators out there that an estimate figures such as child support, the best method for understanding where you stand regarding property division is to work with an experienced attorney who understands the nuances of working with finances, real estate, retirement accounts and investments.

We Keep You Protected By Accounting For Your Financial Future

Our diligence in handling matters of property division and retirement accounts helps protect our clients as they resolve the immediate issues and start looking toward the future. Equipped with industry professionals and a keen eye for financial and real estate matters, we know what to look for, how to find it and how to ensure our clients get what they need.

Some matters we emphasize during the property division process include:

  • Property such as the family home, vacation property or other real estate
  • Retirement accounts, 401(k)s and pensions
  • Military benefits
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)
  • Business retirement
  • Business holdings or a family business
  • Personal investments
  • Distinguishing between marital and nonmarital property

Considerations Beyond The Family Home

From determining marital and nonmarital property, to understanding the tax implications of your divorce, there are numerous aspects of the property division stage that couples often fail to consider.

At Allen & Mills, PLLC, our lawyers know how to help clients retain or divide retirement accounts and benefits through qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO). Whether assigning portions of a 401(k) or determining how to divide a government pension, we can help you navigate the financial complexities of a divorce.

To learn more about Property Division and how we can help, contact our Norman, Oklahoma, firm by scheduling a consultation by calling us at 405.701.8856 or complete our online contact form.

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